Library ministry

The ARPC library ministry team has worked tirelessly this summer to clean, purge, organize, input and catalog all of our books.  We've created new donation guidelines.  We've created READING LISTS and BOOKMARKS to help folks find great reads and want to visit the library.

The latest creation is an AMAZON WISH LIST of books that are more current - and nearly all are on our reading lists!  we hope you'll consider gifting some of these books to the library at some point - perhaps ask family or friends to donate in your honor for your birthday?  The list is below for you to view and consider at any point.  Please know that we are happy to receive paperback, hardback and/or gently used books from the list.  No need to buy from Amazon - if you find a better deal somewhere else, go for it!  Finally, books ordered through Amazon will be shipped to us directly.  If you purchase elsewhere, please drop off in church office.


Children's Books

Adult Books

Browse our ONLINE CATALOG of over 900 books,


We hope you'll visit the library, pick up a reading list (or more) and enjoy reading some great Christian literature!!